Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Soccer, Mark's new job and life...

Well, the sad news is that the kids did not make it past the second round in the single elmination tournaments this past weekend. So in our house, soccer is over for the season. I am sad that they didn't go further in the tournaments, but not running to soccer practices 3 nights a week is a much needed break.

Mark, everyone wants to know about Mark. He is doing well, he didn't sleep for 50 hours straight this week. He began a new job on dayshift... YIPPEE! But we all know Mark and he couldn't leave his night crew without guidance and training so abruptly, so he's been training for his new day job (getting turnover briefings/training during the day) and teaching his replacement at night. Thus the 50 hours straight without sleep. He's been eating so that is a wonderful thing, and being on dayshift now he'll get much better meals and will see more friends. He is still going to be averaging 18 hour work days, but at least he's on days and can sleep at night. We were able to Skype with him for about 15 minutes this afternoon. This is how good this man looks for only having 4 hours of sleep in the past 3 days. We all get so excited to see each other's beautiful faces... you can see the love for the kids in his eyes and his smile. I love it! I love him.
I am so excited for the Christmas season! The kids and I are making our lists for Santa and believe it or not I am almost done with all of my shopping. We are ready to get the decorations out and put up the tree. This time of the year is so magical and I hate not having Mark home to share it with us. Never fear Mark the kids are planning your Christmas package... they've got some sneaky surprises for you!

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Angel & Chad said...

mark is so handsome...and he looks happy...I am so encouraged by your strength..the both of you....May you search out God dailey and reap the blessings...Thank you for the sacrifice you all make!