Tuesday, March 31, 2009


If you are like most families in America today Saturdays are crazy in your home. Saturday, the 28th we had cheerleading practice in the morning across town, then rushed home to pick up the boys so we can race to the outskirts of town for District Finals for the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby races. When Katie and I left for cheerleading, I left a small to do list for Mark and the boys. They did great, got everything accomplished and then some. We were gone for about 3 hours at the races and left for home excited and exhausted! Caleb came in 5th out of 56 cars and Seth had placed 15th! So it was a TON OF FUN!

We pulled in the driveway, gathered our gear and headed for the front door. I commented that it was pretty “stinky” in our yard, but we had just put fertilizer down a few days ago and well, that stuff stinks, so we brushed it off. The smell got more intense as we stepped onto the porch. I opened the front door, and the NASTIEST THICKEST BLACK SMOKE rolled out to greet us. I can’t even describe the smell. The kids are screaming “Call 911, Call 911”, Mark shoves me outta the way and runs full tilt to the kitchen, shouting “OH CRAP!” Being the good wife, I was following quickly behind him, gagging from the smell we discovered that hard boiled eggs can EXPLODE if left on the stove on high for several hours. There was no actual fire, but we had 18 (YES 18) EGGSPLOSIONS in our home. It was Nasty Mc-Nasty!

So here I a week later finally blogging about this adventure, I am sure many of you are wondering why it took soooo long to blog about it. #1: I am still cleaning the smell out of the house, it’s in the closets, carpets, clothes, and it’s everywhere! We have gone through several bottles of Febreze and multiple boxes of baking soda! #2: I have finally stopped laughing, it really was funny. Smelly, disgusting and gross, but very very funny! And #3… tomorrow is Saturday, I am sure something else will happen this weekend that I just have to blog about, so I better get this one posted!
Take a look at these pix below… you’re gonna love it!

On a much more serious note, our smoke alarms NEVER went off w/ the smoke. After an hour and a half of airing out the house with every window/door open Mark inspected the smoke alarms. The 9-volt batteries were not connected to the prongy things to engage the alarm, once he connected them all of the smoke alarms went off. Keep in mind this was 90 minutes AFTER we had started to air the house out! I know several of you are concerned for our old dog… she’s 15+ years old (that’s 105+ in dog years), she is fine. We found her by the back door with her nose pressed up against the door crack breathing in fresh air! She still loves us, but she’s been sleeping in our room since then!

Some of the eggs in the sink that we scrapped off the counter and floors.

The pan the eggs were in... it's totalled. I have to buy a new one!
A piece of egg 15 feet away from the pan, on our kitchen table, several pieces also landed on our benches!
What's left of the eggs... Anyone for breakfast?
The underside of the microwave above the stove... That was like "egg cement" on that!
My stove... I scrubbed for a long time to get it clean!

Lesson for the weekend: God is loving and full of Grace. He saved our house and saved our dog. Our home could have easily burnt down or we could have created a horrible back draft (that might have killed us all) when we opened the front door. He is merciful and cares about us in so many ways. Mark and I handled this dangerous and serious situation with love, not one fight, but a lot of laughs. The main thing is we are all okay, even if our home burnt down, we, the five of us, are okay and in the end that is all that really matters and I think God smiled when he saw our true reaction to it, grateful hearts and unwavering commitment to each other. Thank you Lord for protecting us from ourselves yet again!