Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Snakes... I don't like snakes!

I know snakes are everywhere, but they are NOT allowed on my porch or roaming though my flower beds. Okay yes, that is a weed next to the snake, but now I may never pull weeds again because snakes might be there!

Mark found this snake last night on our porch right next to our front door. He went outside shortly after 9pm to get his gear ready for work. He keeps his PT boots outside b/c they are full of mud and sand (nasty smelly things). He picked up his boots, he jumped a tiny bit (he is a Marine and Marines aren't scared of snakes, just Camel Spiders... I've posted a picture below for you see those too!) So, being the NICE man that he is, he moves the spider into my flower beds w/ my broom before telling me about it.
We estimate that this snake was approx 3 feet long, we looked it up on the internet and it's just a garter snake, but did you know they can have upto 89 babies at one time. I could have 90 snakes in my yard right now!

We have to move, I just can't sleep at night thinking about 90 snakes in my yard and if each one of them reproduce... that's like over 8000 snakes!
Oh Crap, I think I am gonna faint!

What Marines should be scared of... and they have every right to be! That is one nasty spider!

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