Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Seth got the Checkered Flag!

Pinewood Derby season is upon us and Seth won 1st Place in our Pack for the Webelos Den. He advances to districts along w/ Caleb. Caleb is going on the "best paint job" award. Go Figure. Both boys worked hard on their cars, not going for fancy but going for FAST! And they did it... Can you tell that Mark and I are very PROUD of them!

Here is a picture of the cars they raced against on Saturday. Seth beat them all!

Seth's Car... the Arrow of Light (the highest rank/award in Cub Scouting)

Caleb's Car... Who Cut the Cheese! Very simple paint job, all of the black flecks is the residue of the stuff that makes the car go fast...

Official NC License Plates!

Seth crossing his fingers at the big race...

The faces of Champions!

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