Friday, November 21, 2008

"But I never heard that word before!"

Before my big unveiling of my "studio" I have to share with you something that happened at school today. Apparently the school office called me twice and I didn't answer or return their calls. In my defense our home phone isn't working right (the digital phone router is not cooperating with me right now), but they also never called on my cell phone! So I it can't be that serious right... wrong! This story is so innocent, but so serious in the eyes of the school.

Let's set the stage... the kids are at lunch in a very over crowded cafeteria! Another boy in Caleb and Seth's class (who by the way isn't a really nice kid!) asked Caleb if he could sound out SH---IT. The boy said it really show... like SH............IT! Caleb plainly said "it's like this ...shit". The teacher flipped a lid, and the class all went "OHHHHHHHH". Caleb and Seth had no idea what was going on... straight to the office with you Caleb. He's panicked he had no idea what was happening. He was reprimanded, and he said "Mrs. Frisbee, I never heard that word before I didn't know it was a bad word! Seriously, Mrs. Frisbee I didn't". That didn't get very far. The teacher nor the assistant principal could believe that a 4Th grader had never heard that word before and they should certainly know it was a bad word. They continued not to believe him. He had to rewrite his behavior contract that all students have to sign at the beginning of the year, and he had to apologize to the class. Of course I heard all about this when I picked the kids up, before I got out of the school drive-thru pick-up I parked and we went back to talk to the teacher. She seriously couldn't believe that the boys had never heard that word before. I replied "Mark and I do not use that kind of language neither do most of the people we associate with, so it's no doubt he's never heard it. We don't even watch movies with language like that." She was shocked, still not believing it. I assured her again. Now that I've had time to reflect on the situation I should have asked his teacher to apologize to Caleb for not believing what he had said. So the lesson today parents is to teach your kids bad words and then teach them not to use them or say them because they will get in trouble for not knowing them... interesting isn't it?!


Connie said...

It's reminds me of when Sean's preschool teachers called me in to talk about what inappropriate things was saying in class. Mind you, he was 3. Imagine him lifting up his shirt, sticking out his buddah-belly, and saying, "Teacher, blow me!" (Belly blows are the best when you're 3!!!) How innocent is that?! And, the teacher's were questioning what I was teaching him!

Anonymous said...

Well shit Colleen...maybe if you cursed a little like me then your poor boy wouldn't have gotten in trouble! about you just stay the way you are and know that you are doing a fantastic job with your kids! That teacher absolutely owes Caleb an apology and the class too!

Robynccgirl said...

Wow, that is crazy! I'm sorry Caleb had to go through that. I'm sure he's still confused about what he did wrong! You are a great Mom and can't let this get you down! Get your phone fixed girlfriend! He-he!

Mark said...

Beautiful, I really do think that the teacher should appologize to Caleb and then she should have to list out for him all the bad words he is not allowed to use, complete with definitions.

When are schools going to leave the disciplining to the parents and stick to their academic jobs? Teach my child and let ME do the rearing.